ATK+ Lock Keys – Keys Cut To Code

ATK+ Lock Keys – Keys Cut To Code

ATK+ Lock Keys – Keys Cut To Code


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Your ATK+ Code begins with the letter B and is followed by 5 numbers. The code is found on the key.


*ATK+ Key cutting only available to keys with blue fobs*

*Can you please send us an image ([email protected]) after ordering the key including the fob.*

Avocet ABS Attack Series (ATK+) genuine key blanks.

WARNING: Only use original key blanks with your ATK+ lock or your lock guarantee will be invalidated. Imitation keys may damage your lock.

Please enter the key engraved on your Avocet ABS Attack Series key.

Please ensure that you provide the correct key code otherwise your key will not work with your lock – and charges will still apply.

Disclaimer: We use secure postage networks, but we recommend you get extra keys posted to an address different to the one where the complementary lock is. Our customers typically get them delivered to a trusted friend or to their workplace.

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