Lost Key Tags x 3


It is a well-known fact that in the UK millions of sets of keys are lost every year. Many of these are not returned to their owners, because there is no way of identifying them.

Our security tags provide a simple yet highly effective solution to this problem.

Tags are printed with the 24/7/365 phone number of our secure database – the International Security Register (ISR) – and a code that will be recorded on the ISR with the owner’s name and contact details. If we receive notice that tagged keys have been found, we will contact the owner immediately and arrange to have them returned.

In other words, the product increases significantly the chance of lost keys being returned to their owner.

You have the additional option of linking the key tag(s) to your key code number and in the event that your keys are not found you will be able to request extra keys safely to be cut using your secured information.